For Educators

For Educators

While GCOOS is a data-driven organization, our mission also includes developing tools that help support a more ocean-literate society. To that end, GCOOS educators have developed a series of lesson plans for educators. Plans are based on national science standards.

Lesson Plans for Educators

Grades 5-8

Coral Reefs: Assessing the Health of Coral Reefs

Climatology: Climate versus Weather

Oceanography: Ocean in Motion

Estuarine Ecology: Quantifying (Measuring) Healthy Ecosystems

Grades 3-5

Nutrients: How’s the Water?

Ecology: Invasive Species

Life Sciences: What is a Dichotomous Key?

Marine Biology: Sea Turtle Life Cycle

Grades 1-4

Biology/Zoology: Measuring Whales and Graphing Results

Grades 1-3

Marine Biology: Life in the Twilight Zone

Grades 1-2

Molecular: Atoms and Water Molecules

Grades K-2

Life Science/Biology: Taxonomy and Classification


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