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Invasive Species

Posted: February 27, 2019
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About this Product: Interactive Maps of Lionfish and Asian Tiger Shrimp

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Launch Asian Tiger Shrimp Viewer

These map-based products visualize years of observations of two highly invasive species in the Gulf of Mexico: the lionfish and the Asian tiger shrimp. The interactive maps include layers and tools for users to customize the maps and see how observations of these two species have increased and spread across the Gulf of Mexico over the last decades.

Who is this product for?

This is a great tool for educators and the members of the public who are interested in invasive species biology. Researchers and scientists may also find this product useful.


  • Animated maps show observations of invasive lionfish and Asian tiger shrimp).
  • Lionfish observations span 1985 – 2016 and Asian tiger shrimp observations are from 1988-2015.

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