The GCAN webinar series is presented by the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Acidification Network (GCAN) and NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program (OAP).

Haille Leija, Habitat Restoration Manager for the Galveston Bay Foundation, presents “Habitat Restoration & Shoreline Protection in Galveston Bay.”

Manager Julianna Mullen provides an overview of the Ocean Acidification Information Exchange, an online community for professionals involved with or interested in the topics of ocean and coastal acidification.

Melissa Rae McCutcheon, Ph.D. Candidate in Coastal and Marine System Science, Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, presents “Coastal Acidification Monitoring and State-Level Actions.”

Sophie J. McCoy, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Science and Coastal and Marine Laboratory, Florida State University, presents “Forging Classroom Inclusivity through Educational Research: Lessons Learned from the EDU-STEM Network.”