To Join GCAN

  • Review and agree to the requirements for the general membership.
  • Review the roles and responsibilities for the Working Groups, Steering and Executive Committees.
  • Fill out the form below.
  • Join the Ocean Acidification Information Network and the GCAN team on the Network’s site.

General Membership Requirements

  • Join the Ocean Acidification Information Exchange (OAIE)
  • Create bio & update on GCAN OAIE Team
  • Provide publication references if you have them
  • Provide at least one annual update to the OAIE
  • Be willing to receive requests for information, provide expert consult or guidance when needed

Executive Team Duties

  • Implement organizational structure
  • Organize & lead Steering Committee
  • Set priorities for GCAN activities in consultation with working groups
  • Develop annual GCAN progress report & funding proposal
  • Define & approve budget allocations
  • Develop & guide GCAN mission, vision, roles & responsibilities
  • Select working groups & provide guidance for committee activities in coordination with Stakeholder and Science Working Group & Committee Chairs

Steering Committee Duties

  • Support organizational structure
  • Develop implementation plan & update every two years
  • Support, facilitate & assist with functions of working groups
  • Guide & assist with workshop planning
  • Plan & organize webinars
  • Recommend priorities for GCAN

Stakeholder Working Group Requirements

  • Begin with & continue stakeholder surveys
  • Questions about understanding COA
  • Concerns with respect to their sectors
  • Needs for information
  • Willing to write letters of support & provide guidance
  • Engage where appropriate on advisory teams, proposals, & workshops in partnership¬†with Science Working Group
  • Guide development of outreach & educational information

Science Working Group Requirements

  • Reference list solicitation and posting on GCAN OAIE Team
  • Use reference list, webinars and workshops to generate:
    • State of the science document (SOS)
    • Identify regional gaps, priorities & info needs in partnership with stakeholders
  • Participate in & encourage proposal development as needed in partnership with¬†stakeholders.

Please fill out this form to become a GCAN member

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