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Improving Data Usability for You

Posted: January 6, 2021
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GCOOS is always seeking user comments and ideas to improve the usability of the products that we offer through our Data Portal, and we’ve undertaken numerous revisions and upgrades to address user requests, including these recent updates.

Cybersecurity is a major issue, and users are more than aware of the risks and threats from unsecured web services. To address this growing concern, GCOOS updated all services to a secured transport web service. All web addresses are now redirected to use the secured layer, e.g., http://data.gcoos.org is redirected to https://data.gcoos.org. The redirection also includes all web addresses for ERDDAP services. Please be sure to update your links!

Interactive Data Portal Map
The GCOOS Data Portal interactive map is one of our most popular modules. This interactive mapping module has undergone revisions, including these recent updates requested by users:
HF Radar Stations may now be overlaid, and we’re providing a link to view station diagnostics managed by HF Radar DAC.

The last value recorded is now displayed with the corresponding date of observation as the mouse pointer moves over a plotted station. It also includes an option to plot only “Active Station,” or stations that have submitted data in the last seven days (green circles). Conversely, we also offer the option to plot “Inactive Stations,” or stations that used to contribute data to the system but are no longer submitting data (red circles).
The transparency setting and station symbols have also been changed to provide a better indication of station clusters and improve interface response.
Finally, the “Industry ADCP” cluster of stations is broken down into companies that contribute data to the system.

Stay Tuned for More
We invite users to continue to submit comments to data@gcoos.org. Next time, we’ll introduce significant changes made to the data monitoring module — stay tuned!

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