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April 2024: Support IOOS Through the Federal Budgeting Process, 2024 Hurricane Forecast and More
March 2024: GOMCON wrap up, Congressional Meetings, Spring Webinar Series, Board Elections and more news from GCOOS
February 2024: Hope to See You at GOMCON and More News from the Gulf’s Ocean Observing Community
January 2024: Getting a New Year of Ocean Observation Work Off to a New Start
December 2023: A New Site for Beach Information, a Successful Advisory Committee Meeting and Wrapping Up a Successful YearNovember 2023
November 2023: A New Circulation Study About the Texas Shelf, Take Our Climate Services Study and More News from the Gulf
October 2023: A Successful Fall Meeting, New Funding Opportunities and More News from the Gulf
September 2023: Gliders, Hurricanes, Heat and more news from the Gulf’s Ocean Observing CommunityAugust 2023 One Hot Summer, “Above Normal” Hurricane Predictions and More News from the Gulf
July 2023 GCOOS Fall Meeting Date, A Warming Gulf and more ocean observing news
June 2023 It’s Hurricane Season and Gulf Glider Operators are Getting Ready, plus more news from the Gulf
May 2023 New High Frequency Radar Installations, New Members from Mexico and Cuba and more
April 2023  Next week’s Spring Members’ Meeting, New Red Tide Reels and more
March 2023 Spring Meeting Agenda, Board Nominations, New Mississippi Bight Data and More News from the Gulf
February 2023 New Programs, GCOOS Board Nominations Open and More Observing News from the Gulf
January 2023 Spring Webinar Series, Members’ Meeting Registration, Board and More
December 2022 A Busy Year for Ocean Observing in the Gulf and be Sure to Save the Date for Our Spring Meeting
November 2022 International OA efforts, National Ocean Observing Meetings, New Staff, Kudos and more community updates
October 2022 Fall Meeting, Hurricane Ian, International OA Workshops and more  news from the Gulf Ocean Observing Community
September 2022 Fall Meeting is Getting Closer, Check out the latest on Gandalf, Job Ops and More News from the Gulf
August 2022 New IOOS Funding, Fall Meeting Registration Lin, GANDALF is Getting Busy and more happenings
July 2022 Tracking Ocean Observations in the Southern Gulf of Mexico, GCOOS Fall Meeting and More
June 2022 Hurricanes, Hypoxia and HABscopes, oh my! Check out the latest ocean observing news from around the Gulf
May 2022 GCOOS Spring Meeting Wrap, Hurricane Season Forecast and More News from the Gulf
April 2022 GCOOS Spring Meeting Agenda, Spring Webinar Series and More News from the Gulf
March 2022 Save the Date for Our Spring Meeting, the Next in Our Spring Webinar Series and More News
February 2022 Spring Webinar Series, an Extraordinary Glider Mission, New Red Tide Indexes and More News from Around the Gulf
January 2022 Oil Spill Settlements and More News about the Gulf of Mexico
December 2021 The Blue Economy, Webinar Recordings and Remembering a CGOOS Champion
November 2021 Wrapping up hurricane season, HAB webinars and studies, and more ocean observing news from the Gulf
October 2021 Get the Scoop on Gliders in the Gulf and More News
September 2021 Learn More About Our New Executive Director, Report Hurricane Damage and More News from the Gulf
August 2021 GCOOS Welcomes New Executive Director, More on Florida’s Red Tide and More News from the Gulf
July 2021 Working Together to Mitigate Toxic Algae Impacts on Coastal Communities and More News from the Gulf
June 2021Hurricanes and the New Normal and a Plenty of Other News from the Gulf
May 2021 Link for Tomorrow’s GCOOS Meeting and more news from the Gulf Observing Community
April 2021 Register now for our Spring Meeting, learn about GulfHub and more news from around the Gulf
March 2021 Save the Date for our Spring Meeting, Executive Director Job Posting and more
February 2021 Nominations for the GCOOS Board are open now and other news and updates from around the Gulf
January 2021 ICOOS Act Reauthorized and other news and updates from around the Gulf
December 2020 Red Tide Respiratory Forecast expands, wrapping up hurricane season and more news from around the Gulf
November 2020 Webinars, virtual conferences and more news from around the Gulf
October 2020 Board Updates, new tool kits, glider training opportunities and more news from around the Gulf
September 2020 Our Fall meeting agenda and more news from around the Gulf
August 2020 Tracking a Record Number of Gliders, Planning for a Virtual GCOOS Fall Meeting, and More News from around the Gulf
July 2020 Upcoming GCOOS Seminar, 10 Years of GOMRI and More News from the Gulf
June 2020 GCOOS Opens Call for Proposals for 5-Year Work Plan and More News from Around the Gulf
May 2020 Glider webinars, hurricane season and more news from around the Gulf
April 2020 New GCOOS Board members, upcoming seminar and more news from the Gulf
March 2020 GCOOS Spring Meeting Canceled and more news from the Gulf
February 2020 GCOOS Meeting Registration Opens, Nominate Board Members, Marine Operations news and more
January 2020 Make Your GCOOS Board Nominations Now
December 2019 ICOOS Act passes house, running gliders, tracking toxic algae and more!
November 2019 HAB product updates and more observing news in the Gulf
October 2019 Fall meeting update; tracking, deploying and rescuing gliders and more News from GCOOS
September 2019 A warm welcome to our new data manager, upcoming GCOOS fall meeting and more news
August 2019 HAB news, glider community needs and much more
July 2019 Tracking Toxic Algae, Closed Beaches and Tropical Weather
June 2019 Updated products, a photo contest and more
April – May 2019 Annual meeting wrap, GCOOS on TV and much more
March 2019 Legislative visits, join us in NOLA next week and more news
February 2019 Submit your nomination for the GCOOS Board now
January 2019 GCOOS is starting off a great year with a new logo, new projects and more
December 2018 GCOOS News and Updates: Loop Current Awards, Good Reads and Happy Holidays
November 2018 GCOOS News and Updates: Happy Thanksgiving
October 2018 Check out our new red tide forecast and more news from GCOOS
September 2018 GCOOS News: Upcoming Members Meeting, Certification, Gulf Red Tide and more
August 2018 Toxic algae, gliders going gangbusters a new survey just for you
July 2018 Remember a Gulf leader, briefing Congress about ocean observing and more
June 2018 Capitol Hill briefing about HABs, OA webinar and more
May 2018 Ocean sensors turned up on eBay, follow the latest Gulf glider mission and more
April 2018 Check out the latest news from our annual meeting and more
March 2018 Members meeting, Board elections, Loop Current RFA
February 2018 Remembering a Friend
January 2018 Get in the Loop – Register for the latest on Loop Current Report and Funding ops
December 2017 We’re closing out the year on a high note and already planning on 2018
November 2017 Caped ocean crusaders, upcoming workshops and much more
October 2017 Check out our latest news, including new gulf radars and a new website dedicated to glider users
September 2017 Ocean observers and their tools are getting a good workout ahead of this hurricane season
August 2017 A quick update from the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System
July 2017 Check out our latest product – a tool that helps you track hurricanes
June 2017 Showing off at the MSET Technology Showcase; New unmanned system certification from USM and Data archiving
May 2017 OA seminar, Supporting Ocean literacy and a record glider deployment from GERG
April 2017 New GCOOS members, new board members and much more
March 2017 Congressional briefing (link to downloadable PDFs), new ocean observing fliers and more
February 2017 We’re getting ready for Capitol Hill visits, gearing up for our Annual Meeting and hoping you’ll nominate yourself for our Board
January 2017 New Gulf ocean acidification network (GCAN), board nominations open, good reads and more
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November 2016 GCOOS Advisory Council meeting, a new NDBC Chief Scientist NOAA group seek fisheries input
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