Exploring Our Changing Ocean

Posted: January 9, 2024
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The ocean has absorbed approximately 90% of excess heat and 25% of the carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere by humans. This increased carbon pollution has consequences for our ocean.

Working together, partners on the project “Exploring Our Changing Ocean: Impacts and Response to Ocean Acidification in the U.S.A.” are advancing communications about climate-ocean changes occurring regionally in the U.S. by presenting localized information on unique impacts, responses and calls to action taking shape across the country.

By regionalizing information and storytelling, “Exploring Our Changing Ocean: Impacts and Response to OA” is supporting education, outreach and calls to action that associated aquarium partners and science institutions can utilize across their larger climate change narratives and outreach efforts.

This collaborative OA communications project is being undertaken by the Aquarium Conservation Partnership, the OA Alliance, and NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program. It also includes regional partners like GCAN — the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Acidification Network.

The project includes the development of six interactive StoryMaps showcasing relevant ocean acidification trends, science activities, stakeholder engagements and policy responses taking place across regions where NOAA supports U.S. Coastal Acidification Networks such as GCAN.

Each regional StoryMap includes:

  • An overview of climate-ocean change, including the causes of ocean acidification (OA).
  • Synopsis of OA trends and potential impacts to marine species, ecosystems, and human communities most at risk.
  • Highlight reel of activities and policies occurring within the region to better understand and respond to OA and climate-ocean change. This includes leadership and examples from state government, seafood growers, Tribal government, Port/ municipalities, and community members.
  • Proposed “calls to action” that can be taken by individuals.
  • An Interactive map of the United States, indicating where relevant ACP member Aquariums are located.
Check out the Gulf of Mexico storymap here

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