Dr. Kenneth Hoadley

Dr. Kenneth Hoadley is an early career researcher at the University of Alabama and is part of a collaborative effort to improve detection and forecasting of harmful algal bloom species such as Karenia brevis within the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Specifically, these efforts involve deploying an Imaging FlowCytobot within Mobile Bay which — along with currently deployed instruments within GoM — will feed into a new imaging analysis pipeline for real-time monitoring of key HAB species through the GCOOS portal.

Dr. Hoadley is an Assistant Professor in the Biological Sciences Department at the University of Alabama, as well as a Senior Marine Scientist I at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. His background is in algal ecophysiology and response to climate change. His work encompasses molecular and physiological characterization using a broad range of instrumentation, including the development of custom bio-optical tools.

Project Title

  • “Gulf of Mexico HAB Pilot Testbed Project “