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State of OA Science in the Gulf

Posted: December 14, 2022
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The GCAN Science Working Group’s manuscript “Ocean Acidification in the Gulf of Mexico: Drivers, Impacts, and Unknowns” has been published online by Progress in Oceanography. GCAN would like to thank all the contributors and especially lead author Dr. Emily Osborne (AOML).

The report synthesizes current peer-reviewed literature on Gulf of Mexico (GOM) acidification across the ocean-estuarine continuum and identifies critical knowledge, research, and monitoring gaps that limit our current understanding of environmental, ecological, and socioeconomic impacts from acidification.

According to the report, the GOM remains a relatively understudied region with respect to ocean acidification, particularly regarding regionally important organism and ecosystem responses. Within the GOM, ocean acidification is also spatially variable and numerous physical and biogeochemical processes contribute collectively to carbonate chemistry dynamics.

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