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Posted: February 28, 2019
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NOAA Deputy Director Dwight Gledhill and Jennifer Vreeland-Dawson, Coordinator of the Gulf of Mexico’s Ocean Acidification Network (GCAN), attended the recent Ocean Conservancy Shellfish Grower Information Exchange Workshop to discuss OA impacts and outreach with the shellfish farming community. The Ocean Conservancy and GCAN are working to further the dialogue surrounding ocean and coastal acidification among shellfish industry representatives and the broader shellfish community. Shellfish growers, hatchery managers and scientists from around the country had the opportunity to discuss their experiences with this water chemistry change along with other environmental issues that threaten shellfish. Other participants included Mike Congrove, Hatchery Manager, Oyster Seed Holdings, Gwynn, Virginia; Ian Jefferds, Owner, Penn Cove Shellfish, Coupeville, Washington; Charlie Phillips, Owner, Sapelo Sea Farms, Townsend, Georgia, and Dr. Meredith White, Research & Development, Mook Sea Farm, Walpole, Maine.

The workshop took place during the third Oyster South Symposium — a meeting that brings together producers, gear suppliers, distributors, chefs, food writers, vendors, researchers, students and managers from the southeast region to discuss pressing issues and relevant, practical research on oyster aquaculture.

Dr. Meredith White, Research & Development, Mook Sea Farm, Walpole, Maine

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