Gulf of Mexico Ocean Acidification Network

The Gulf of Mexico Ocean Acidification Network’s mission is to identify direct and indirect impacts of ocean acidification on the Gulf of Mexico’s large marine ecosystem and to develop strategies to mitigate these impacts by fostering collaborations and increasing ocean observations across the region.

GCAN, hosted by GCOOS, is a collaboration of regional efforts among the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Ocean Acidification Program (OAP), as well as other federal and state resource managers, industry partners, researchers and other stakeholders throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

For more information about GCAN or to join, email GCOOS Research Associate and GCAN Coordinator Jennifer Vreeland-Dawson.

GCAN hosts an ongoing webinar series and sponsors and participates in regional workshops and other activities. We also encourage participation in the NOAA-sponsored Ocean Acidification Information Exchange.

GCAN Steering Chair

Dr, Kim Yates, Senior Research Oceanographer at the U.S. Geological Survey.

GCAN Memberships and Collaborative Partners

GCAN is a proud member of the Ocean Acidification Alliance, an international alliance to combat ocean acidification.

Collaborative Partners:

Upcoming Workshops/Events 2019

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Webinars 2019

GCAN Webinar Series:  Aug. 21

GCOOS’s Coastal Acidification Network (GCAN) will present Dr. Xinping Hu of TAMU & Dr. Leticia Barbero of AOML/NOAA during our next webinar at noon (CENTRAL) on Wednesday, Aug. 21. Their topic is “Ocean Acidification in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico.”

GCAN Webinar Series:  April 27

GCOOS’s Coastal Acidification Network (GCAN) will present Dr. Kim Yates, Senior Research Oceanographer at the U.S. Geological Survey. Dr. Yate’s research topic is “An Unexpected Benefit from Seagrass Recovery in Tampa Bay”.

GCAN Members and Steering Committee

Name               Affiliation         Membership      Year Joined

Kaity Shamberger Texas A&M University (TAMU) Committee 2018
Emily Hall Mote Marine Laboratory Committee 2016
Paul Montagna TAMU Committee 2016
Rebecca Green Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Committee 2016
Steven Ashby Northern Gulf Institute (NGI) Committee 2016
Stephan Howden University of Southern Mississippi (USM) Committee 2016
Curt Hemmel Bay Shellfish Committee 2016
John Supan Louisiana State University (LSU) Committee 2016
Aaron Welsh Two Docks Shellfish Committee 2016
Nancy Rabalais LSU Committee 2016
Bob Byrne University of South Florida (USF) Committee 2016
Bruce Barber Gulf Shellfish Institute (GSI) Member 2018
Libby Jewett NOAA Committee 2016
Dwight Gledhill NOAA Committee 2016
Dash Padmanava Mississippi State University (MSU) Committee 2016
Sophie McCoy Florida State University (FSU) Committee 2016
Alan Lewitus NOAA Committee 2016
Bill Fisher EPA Committee 2016
Kevin Craig NOAA Committee 2016
Jim Nance NOAA/NMFS Committee 2016
Mark Schnexnayder Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Committee 2016
Kim Yates USGS Committee CHAIR 2018
Seth Blitch The Nature Concervancy (TNC) Member 2018
Xinping Hu TAMU-Corpus Christi Committee 2016
Frank Muller-Karger USF/MBON Committee 2017
Trevor Meckley NOAA Committee 2016
Barbara Kirkpatrick GCOOS Committee 2016
Julien Lartigue NOAA RESTORE Committee 2017
Ken Edds LDWF Committee 2016
Ryan Ono Ocean Conservancy Member 2018
James Ballard Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (GSMFC) Committee 2016
Troy Pierce EPA Committee 2016
Jennifer Vreeland-Dawson GCOOS GCAN Coordinator 2017
Lisa Robbins USGS Committee 2016
Andy DePaola Angelo DePaola Consulting, LLC Member 2018