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Bridging the Gap in Red Tide Information

Posted: July 31, 2020
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We’re pleased to be working with Florida Sea Grant on a new project to bridge the knowledge gap about toxic red tides caused by Karenia brevis. The project, led by Sea Grant’s Lisa Krimsky, includes these objectives:

  • Compile a review of current red tide communication and outreach products at the local, regional, and statewide level;
  • Evaluate the public’s perception on the value and ease of use of existing red tide communication resources;
  • Evaluate red tide information needs and wants, assess how demographics influence how red tide information is received and why certain delivery modes are preferred;
  • Develop a communication strategy for Florida red tides comprising short-term event responses and guidance toward a long-term educational campaign, with both approaches using multilingual and multimodal outreach materials.

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(Photo courtesy of Mote Marine Laboratory’s Manatee Research Program.)

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