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New HFR in the Gulf

Posted: June 8, 2023
Category: Data Provider Spotlight , Featured News

GCOOS and other groups are making new investments in high-frequency radar in the Gulf, closing the gaps in high-priority areas.

TAMU’s Geochemical and Environmental Research Group recently installed a new station named GERG CODAR (PMGC). Located south of the Padre Island (PINS) station, this is the sixth long-range CODAR station on the Texas Shelf and the installation extends the HFR coverage on the Shelf.

Research, Applied Technology, Education Services, Inc. (RATES), which commissioned the first CODAR network in Texas in 2001, is working to fill data gaps in Texas Bays to improve and enhance hydrodynamic models applied to spill trajectory, storm surge and contaminant transport models. RATES has installed five new radars in Texas since the beginning of 2023 — three in Galveston Bay and two stations in Sabine Lake.

GCOOS also recently awarded funds to Florida State University to work in collaboration with the University of Southern Mississippi to install a new station in Panama City, Florida, this year (which will be operational in 2024).

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