Last updated: 16 April 2015

Terms of Reference

The GCOOS Gulf Glider Task Team (GGTT) is charged with developing and maintaining an implementation plan consistent with the GCOOS Build-out Plan for Gulf glider operations. Specifically, the GGTT will:

  • Provide a forum for scientists, manufacturers, and others interested in developing a network of operational gliders for the Gulf as part of the Gulf component of the IOOS.
  • Review and propose revisions to the conceptual plans for the Gulf glider operations already developed by the GCOOS-RA.
  • Develop plans for the Gulf glider infrastructure, which tentatively will consist of a center and two or more satellite locations from which technicians, parts and service, and recovery and deployment operations can be drawn for efficient and effective operations.
  • Develop the phased implementation for development of glider operations, using an integrated approach to resources and personnel.
  • Develop protocols for data sharing and visualization to meet the needs of the Gulf stakeholder community.
  • Participate in and provide GCOOS input to the national glider plan and related IOOS Office efforts (e.g., DMAC) for gliders.
  • Coordinate the Gulf Glider Network with that of the adjacent SECOORA.

SECOORA will participate in the working group to assure the seamless integration of glider operations from the Gulf into and along the eastern Florida coastal ocean.

This Task Team will be comprised of not more than twelve members, will have a chair appointed by the GCOOS Board, will have a Board member as a liaison, and will be supported by the GCOOS-RA Staff.

Task Team Membership

Name Affiliation
Rainer Amon Texas A&M University – Galveston
Robert Arnone University of Southern Mississippi
Jeff Book Naval Research Laboratory
Steven DiMarco Texas A&M University
Brian Dzwonkowski Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Jordon Beckler Mote Marine Laboratory
David Driver BP
Matthew Howard GCOOS Support
Stephan Howden University of Southern Mississippi
Sherwin Ladner NRLSSC
Lex LeBlanc NOAA
Chad Lembke, Chair University of South Florida
Chunyan Li Louisiana State University
Ruth Perry Shell
Nancy Rabalais LUMCON
Rodney Riley NOAA
Pat Roscigno BOEM

Board Liaison:

Dave Driver
Pasquale Roscigno