Last updated: 9 December 2015

Terms of Reference

The GCOOS-RA establishes a Modeling Task Team charged with providing on a regular basis to the GCOOS Staff, and through them to the Board of Directors, reports on the current state of modeling for the Gulf of Mexico and recommendations as to which model outputs should be served via the GCOOS Products Portal. In addition, the task team should formulate and recommend a plan for GCOOS Modeling.

Members should represent the broad range of model communities, including: physical processes (general circulation, winds, waves, hurricane intensity, storm surge, rip currents, coastal circulation in bays and estuaries, river discharges), chemical/biological (hypoxia, HABs, water quality, nutrient loading), coupled models (oil spill) as examples.

It is expected that this task team will be comprised of not more than twelve members, will have a chair appointed by the GCOOS Board, will have a Board member as liaison, will meet not more than semiannually, and will be supported by the GCOOS Staff.

Task Team Members

Name Affiliation Focus Area
Frank Aikman Chief Marine Modeling, NOAA-NOS Physical
Cort Cooper Metocean consultant and Fellow, Chevron Physical
Dale Crocket Hydrologist, Texas Water Development Board Coastal Physical
Shejun Fan Shell Projects and Technology Physical
Sergei Frolov Consultant, WeatherPredict Physical
Rebecca Green Oceanographer, Office of Environment, BOEM Biological
Ruoying He Prof, North Carolina State University Physical
Pat Hogan, Chair Head, Open Ocean Prediction, Navy Research Lab Physical
Dubravko Justic Prof, LSU Biological
Paul Montagna Prof, TAMU Corpus Christi Biological
Steve Morey Research Scientist, Florida State University Physical
Kyeong Park Prof, University of Southern Alabama/DISL Coastal Physical
George Voulgaris Prof, University of South Carolina Coastal Physical
Jerry Wiggert Prof, University of Southern Mississippi Biological
Worth Nowlin GCOOS-RA Board Liaison Physical
Matthew Howard TAMU GCOOS-RA Staff Physical

Board Liaison

David Driver
Jan van Smirren